Your Life is Worth as Much as The Dreams You Dream and the Actions You Take to Make Them Come True

Your Life is Worth as Much as The Dreams You Dream and the Actions You Take to Make Them Come True…

What if there was a way to master the Mind and harness your Emotions to produce the Life Results you Desire? What if there was a way to find such Passion, that Success would become your new way of life? What actions, decisions you would take if you knew that you cannot fail?

Do you want to loose weight, gain financial freedom, gain or bring any other type of lasting change into your life – NOW is your chance!

The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who do not lays in their ability to manage their Minds and Emotions. Have you ever heard the saying ‘Whatever you believe you can’t to – you are right. Whatever you believe you can do – you are right too!’

It is time to de-mystify the process of manifestation. A lot has been written and said about it, still leaving most of us with the feeling that it is an art reserved for a few chosen ones, not widely available to the rest. Some believe that there is an element of luck or coincidence involved in getting what you want, or that you need to be in any way special or smarter than the rest. But nothing is further from the truth!

Let us go through the few simple bullet-proof methods of achieving your desired goal or dream:

1). Know what you want!

2). Take stock of where you are right now!

3). Take action and continue adjusting your approach until you get it!

4). Trust completely in the process, Enjoy it and have the ‘Staying Power’!

There are many people who have dreams, only a limited number of them bring them to fruition. Is it a case of luck, are they more skilled or talented than the others, or have they mastered the ability to be completely congruent about their desires in terms of their Mind and Emotions?

Regardless of who you are and where you currently are in life, whether you are a stay-at-home mother, a CEO of a Fortune 1000 company or somebody who found themselves signing up for the social welfare for the first time, how fulfilled and successful you are in life is determined only by the degree to which you realise that ‘Where You Are’ in life does not define ‘Who You Are’! It definitely does not determine ‘Where You Can Get’ in life either!

People too often measure their potential based on their current situation, or even worse, on whom they were & what they have achieved in the past. It is a strategy that always produces consistent results – the feelings of frustration, lack of fulfilment or even depression, often resulting in us lowering our expectations of life.

When you look at the people around you, you notice that they fall into two basic categories – those who look back at their past and ask themselves: ‘Why did it not work out for me? And those who ask themselves while looking forward: ‘How can I make it happen?’

The quality of the questions you ask determines the answers and the results that you get in Life!

And so there are two basic ways in which we could deal with our life:

  1. Analyse it and find reasons why it did not turn out the way it should
  2. Focus on what we want from this point forward and programme our mind to allow for it to happen

We all operate on two basic levels – the conscious and the subconscious (sometimes referred to as unconscious). If the conscious level is like the body of the car, visible to the eye, the subconscious is the whole hidden complex mechanical system. It is the subconscious part that contains the engine and all the components responsible for the cars performance. Some of us are under the impression that for as long as the outer body of the car seems fine, all is fine! Just like most people are under the impression that it is the conscious level that is the driving force behind their actions, thoughts, our lives. Nothing is further from the truth! Just think how many times you have said or done something not being able to understand what made you say or do it in the first place! Deep in our subconscious hidden is a whole range of beliefs, most of which we are not aware of, most of which are often in direct conflict with our dreams and goals. We then end up manifesting the opposite of what we are consciously trying to manifest, and not being able to understand why that is so, we either give up and resign to life, where we just react to what comes our way or convince ourselves we do not have what it takes to succeed! In both cases the results are devastating!

How does it happen that some people have the ability to produce great results in life, while others seem to struggle with every challenge they encounter?

You either shape your destiny or you allow for the events to shape it!

Have you noticed that there are some successful people who thrive regardless of the state of the economy, regardless of the challenges that they face in their lives – the only difference between somebody who is living the dream life and somebody who is not is three fold – the intensity of passion they feel, the focus and clarity they have when it comes to what the want, finally the action they take to make the dreams come true.

My advice to you then is Dream and Dream Big, but do not just stop there, have the courage to take your dreams to the next level, even if getting there sometimes means pushing through the bridge of Frustration or Rejection! On the other side of that bridge waiting for you with the most beautiful smile are Success, Passion and Fulfilment! They are the essence of what life is all about.

And once you taste them, you will never settle for anything less!

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