Urine therapy

Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy, when mentioned, usually gets our faces contorted in the most uncomfortable ways. It is not hard to understand why – we continue to throw urine to the same basket as our ‘number two’ – the ‘wastebasket’.
Nothing could be further from the truth – urine is not a waste product, it is the end result of the blood purification process. But there is even more to urine – it is a perfect match for whatever is currently happening within our body.

What does it mean?
For years the scientific world was feeding us with the mechanistic point of view, where a human body was a collection of unrelated parts. When one part was not functioning, we simply replaced with another part. The system as such (the human body) would not be greatly bothered by such replacement. The Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries has been telling us the opposite – the human body is a collection of forever linked and interrelated parts. TCM is also teaching us that treating symptoms as opposed to the causes is like walking around a lawn, cutting with scissors the visible parts of weeds.

What does it all have to do with urine therapy? If we look at the body from the mechanistic point of view, we will see urine as something that the body produces, yet another inconvenience among many of the bodily functions.
If we look at the body from the more holistic perspective, we will realise that there is a deep wisdom locked within every cell of our body, that the body in its wisdom always strives to work with us, never against us. Hence the urine it produces is always the most perfect medicine for what we currently need – it is a perfect remedy for what is out of balance at any given moment. Urine is absolutely packed with hormones, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and proteins.
Urine can be applied topically as well as consumed internally (it is sterile).

What are some of the most popular uses of urine therapy?

– A mouthwash – just like the rest of the body, our teeth are connected with the rest of the body. The bacteria that is identified on the gums of specific teeth can also be identified in the specific organs those teeth are connected to (see more info at http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/09/05/chart-the-relationship-between-your-wisdom-teeth-body-organs/ or http://drgadol.com/meridian-tooth-chart/). Scientists are finally beginning to speak up about the connection between root canal treatment and heart attacks or cancer. Taking a good care of our teeth and gums helps us affect change in the rest of our body. If you are new to urine therapy, it might take you a while to gather the courage to take a sip of your urine for the first time. When you finally come around it, here is the way you do it: make sure that you do not eat meat or fish when you use urine. The night before avoid all junk foods at all costs – your urine will smell and taste just like it. Use the midstream part of it, that is let the beginning and end part of it go, collect the middle part only. Take a small sip, use as any other mouthwash and spit when done. You never swallow it, as, by the time you have your mouth washed with it, it is full of toxins.

– Kidney infections – in this case, you use urine topically only! Collect the midstream part of your urine as described above and make a compress with it and place it on your kidneys (make sure that you check where your kidneys are first). Keep for an hour. Can be applied twice of three times a day if needed – you can’t overdose it.

– Kidney transplants – use as above. Urine does not interfere with the medication a person is taking.

– Pain – urine is a great pain relief. For best results take internally. In extreme cases for best results it might need to be combined with fasting – consult a nutritional therapist for a plan best suited for your particular situation.

– Moisturiser – not many people know about the fabulous properties of urine when it comes to rejuvenation. It moisturises our skin better and deeper than any cream! For best results use mind stream of first urine of the day, apply to face, eyelids and neck. Allow to dry, then rinse with water or simply apply your day cream as usual.

– Nail fungus – a nasty sign that we are beginning to ‘rotten’ from within, as my doctor friend used to say. Instead of applying dangerous chemicals to your nails, avoid damaging your liver by them and use urine packs on the affected nails. The procedure is quite simple – use the first urine of the day, mid-stream, dip a cotton wool in it and secure it on your nail. Keep the cotton wool there until it dries out. Then follow by applying a Tea Tree Oil directly onto the nail. After some time you will notice that the nail is ready to come off. Cut it off and continue with the same procedure as above until the remaining bits of the fungus grow out.

– Any other conditions – if in doubt – use urine therapy!

Here are two great books on the subjects should you want to learn more:

• Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy Paperback – October 1, 1996, by Coen van der Kroon
• Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha M. Christy

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