To meditate or not to meditate?

What is the reason why people meditate? Some of us want to gain a greater sense of connection with what is around us or with ourselves; others meditate to find inner peace; some might meditate to gain better insight into our lives.

All of the above are noble causes. I personally believe that meditation is a MUST when it comes to creating the life that we desire, it is the key to personal empowerment, to learning to take charge of all the tools we have brought with us into this life, hence, the key to taking charge of life itself.

What I question here is the form of meditation we undertake. Let me explain why.

What I have noticed over the years of working with people who meditate, is that the meditation itself does not guarantee us anything. What do I mean by that? I have come across many people who meditate for hours per day and for as long as they are in the meditative state, their life is great. The minute they come out of the meditation and back to ‘the reality’ their whole persona changes. They go back to being the same ‘broken’ person (that is not because they are broken, but because this is how they perceive themselves in their daily lives). It is this sharp division between the meditative state and ‘the reality’ that I want to discuss here.
Some of us, often unconsciously, will use meditation as an escape from a reality. Even if we do not, the divide between how we feel when meditating and how we feel, act and think when not meditating paints a picture of two almost opposite people – one in control and at peace, the other struggling with fear and sense of inadequacy.
(To further understand the divide I refer to here, you might want to read my article entitled The Law of Attraction in reference to how our subconscious mind deals with two-points in our reality.)

For some that divide is acceptable and they see no reason to remedy it. I respect their choice. What if there was a different way, though? It all depends on what is the goal of our meditation, what we want to achieve as a result of it. If its personal empowerment, a greater sense of connection with ourselves and the world, greater insights, genuine progress and heightened awareness in daily life, why not adjust the way we meditate and create what I call a ‘living meditation’?
What does it mean? That means that rather than practicing being in charge of where my mind goes for 30min a day I do it throughout the day! That means having the same meditative, deep approach to life and all its lessons as they appear in front of us in our daily lives, rather than when we are removed from life, meditating in a quiet room.

If you ask me who do I admire more, a monk who devotes his life to attaining higher levels of awareness or a busy mother/father, trying to deal with what life ‘throws’ at them on a minute-per-minute basis, I admire both equally. If you ask me though who has got a greater challenge and hence a much greater chance of making a breakthrough, I pick the busy parent. There is just something so challenging in being stimulated from every possible side, dealing with not only your emotions but having the emotions of others thrown at you as well – if you can keep your cool and your meditative state in that moment, for me that is the essence of true meditation!

This is not to say that quiet meditation is not valuable, it IS! What I am referring to is the contrasting states some people experience, the meditative versus the non-meditative state of daily life.

What if we were to apply the same level of love, gentleness, inner peace and trust we feel in our meditative state in our daily lives? Would our image of ourselves change? Absolutely! Would we act rather than react in a challenging situation? Would it make us a better person to be and to be around? I believe so! Would it give us a real control of our emotions and our conscious mind – yes, yes, yes!

Living meditation is about creating a clear image of the person we choose to be each morning, including how we choose to behave, think, speak and relentlessly, day after day putting it into practice with the same reservoir of trust and passion, regardless of the situation.

I guarantee you that once you try it, you will not want to live any other way! You will feel that YOU ARE the driving force in your life, the creator of your reality. Should you then still meditate quietly on daily basis – yes! You will gain much deeper access to your higher levels of awareness. What will be different is that you will have the sense of having one reality only. That reality will be filled with joy, bliss, inner peace and the most wonderful sense of trust. That in itself is priceless!

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