The law of attraction – demystified

Why is it that manifesting what we want is usually a hit-and-miss type of experience? So many of us seem to be under the impression that consciously attracting what we want is a process only a few can master. But is it, really?

To understand how the mechanism of manifestation works it is important to shift our awareness from the realm of the physical world to the realm of energy, quantum physics, and the human subconscious mind. The reason for that is that long before our dream or desire can physically manifest in our lives it must become a part of our subconscious reality first. Our subconscious mind represents a non-physical level of our being which constantly exerts its influence on our body and conscious mind.

When we have a dream or desire, when there is something that we really want, making that dream come true, even though to some that process might not seem like a complex one, is an action requiring a series of crucial steps.

First, subconsciously we are projecting an image of ourselves as currently being in a state of ‘not having’ the dream or goal; then, still at the subconscious level, at some physical point away from where we are now (in what we perceive as ‘the future’) is the place where we see/feel/place that dream.
This part is really important, as it means that by thinking of a wish or desire, we create two specific points of reference – one representing where and how we see ourselves as ‘not having it’ and the other where the dream is already our reality. Imagine those two points as suspended in the air. What exists between the two points is a distance. Depending on how much we believe that we can or deserve to make that dream happen, that distance will be longer or shorter, depending on the person.

Our subconscious mind is built in such a way that it constantly seeks the state of harmony; harmony means a union, completeness, togetherness. Bear that in mind, it will start to make a lot of sense from now on.
What happens next is very important – the moment our subconscious mind detects that there is a two-point (as in two points of reference) that we have created it begins the process of closing the gap between the points. That means that it will not rest until the two points become one – that is the moment we recognise on the physical level as our dreams coming true.

Where is the problem, then? It all sounds very simple. Well, it is. The problems occur when we send out very mixed messages as to what it is exactly that we desire. Our subconscious mind takes the precise messages in the exact way they have been delivered. There is no-one on the receiving end who scans what we project and corrects what we send out. When we want to have more money or want to finally attract the ideal partner into our lives, we cannot be projecting (the projections here refer to the images AND the feelings we experience when thinking of our goal) how broke we are and how awful that feels or how lonely we are right now. Yet, that is exactly what we do. While thinking of the dream or goal we have, instead of allowing ourselves to feel how amazing it would be to have that amount of money / that special person in our life right now (hence reinforcing the goal and shortening the distance between where we are today and where the manifestation of the dream is in the future), we think of our goal and connect emotionally with the feeling of ‘not having it’ – that is what we project towards the second point, the one where the dream/goal reside. Since our emotions activate the manifestation process, even though we might be consciously convinced that we are doing the right thing, we are unaware of the damage we cause projecting the negative images and feelings of ‘not having it’ into our future. As a result, in the subconscious mind, the image of what we really want gets distorted – we transfer the images and feelings on not having what we desire onto the second point of reference. The powerful emotions we experience (loneliness, fear, anxiousness, etc.) activate the manifestation process – the closing of the gap between two related points. The thing is that this time we are unaware that what we are actually in the process of manifesting is the opposite of what we really want.
Our conscious and subconscious minds operate very much the same way a computer does – when you type in ‘not having’ you will not get back results on abundance and happiness. It is presumed that you know exactly what you are doing.
Have you ever heard the saying ‘Your wish is my command’? Well, this is exactly how it works when it comes to wishes, two-points, and the subconscious mind.

What if a person really wants something but does not believe that they can have it or achieve it? If the feeling that for one reason or another you will not have or cannot have what you dream of is stronger than the desire to have it, that in itself is a process of manifestation too! In that case, it will be the fear that will be the driving force behind the manifestation process. What we will end up manifesting will be the state of ‘not having’. The result will be a self-fulfilling prophecy – we did not believe that we could make the dream/goal come true, it did not come true – we then take it as a reinforcement that we were right in the first place.

The thing here is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to manifestation. We can only manifest that which we devote time, energy and emotions towards. Manifesting the opposite of our goal does not mean that we are unworthy or unable to create something. It simply means that we need to take a good long look at HOW we are creating. Not bale to create what we want is not a reflection of our personality, the level of self-worth; it is also is not a reflection of what we deserve in life. It is the process that needs to be tweaked, not us!

How to remedy the situation? There are two steps to follow there:
1. Become VERY clear about what it is that you want and why
2. Take complete charge of what it is that you are projecting in relation to that dream on daily basis – the more fear based your images and feelings are, the more likely you are to attract the opposite of what you think you are projecting.

For those of you really interested in the process, here is a shortcut – since the subconscious mind is always on the lookout for two points of reference and it does not rest until it brings those two points together and makes it into one (closing the distance between them as a result), the easiest way to shorten the distance between the two and create an environment of least resistance (when all fear is removed), hence shortening the time of the actual physical manifestation is when we already feel that that, which we desire is already ours.
If you want to take the process of manifestation a step further you can follow this simple exercise – every hour make sure that you go within just for a few seconds to allow yourself to feel (that is what seals the deal) how wonderful it is to be already enjoying the dream or goal. Do it again, and again and again, until you have impressed the outcome on your subconscious to the degree to which your subconscious mind now perceives it as your reality.

This is a tricky one for many people, as their overactive conscious mind often gets in the way at this stage, kindly pointing out just how ridiculous such notion of ‘it’s already mine’ is, when the ‘truth’ of the present situation shows opposite evidence.
At that moment it might be useful to remember that the conscious mind rarely is a good advisor, as its advice is often combined with the voice of fear within us. What the conscious mind does not understand is that there exists a parallel dimension (this is a topic for another article) where the very outcome we desire is already a reality (there are many, many parallel dimensions, in fact, representing all the possible outcomes of our lives). Getting rid of fear and resistance (= taking control of and letting go of the fearful voice of the conscious mind) allows us to instantly connect the point representing our here and now and the point where we already have made that dream happen. Hence, looking around and saying to ourselves ‘Well, I can’t feel wealthy, look at the pile of unpaid bills on my table’ makes sense from the limited point of view of the conscious mind and the limited view of the single dimension, but it simply collapses in the quantum physics’ reality of multiple dimensions, where all possibilities are already present, waiting for us to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Finally, imagination is an amazing tool, which rarely gets used to fulfil its full potential and which is crucial when it comes to manifestation. Imagination allows us first to design our lives, to create that second point of reference – the dream or goal, then to close the gap, the distance between what we call our present reality and the point where our dreams come true. Like any powerful tool, it needs to be handled with care, as its misuse creates havoc in our lives. Use your imagination to your advantage – take charge of your mind and only allow empowering images and feelings to enter the realms of your awareness.

Here is another important aspect which gets often overlooked – having loads of fun, being in a genuinely good mood are very good indicators that you are in the process of closing the gap between the two points! We cannot lie to our subconscious mind. Hence, if we are working on feeling that our goal is already a part of our reality now we should feel great, really be in a great mood. That shows that we are in alignment with the goal. Creating a new reality is not an intellectual process; it is a process where our whole being, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviour play an integral part of it.

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