Lives Between Lives

The fact that we have all lived before, that this is not our first nor is it our last time here, no longer causes much controversy. Many of us by now accepted the idea that we all had more than just one incarnation. Past lives no longer seem as frightening a concept as they used to.
But if we have lived more than once, what about the time and space in between human incarnations, during which we, as a soul, must exist on some level? Where do we go, what do we experience?
To most of us, what lies beyond our human experiences, still remains a mystery…

The more self-aware we become as humans, the more the Universal Consciousness allows us to look deeper and deeper into the fascinating world of Lives Between Lives (LBL). Each discovery leaves us in owe of this amazing Great Plan. A Plan where everything fits perfectly, every soul , every lesson, where with divine mastery every detail is meticulously planned and prepared, allowing us to learn more about ourselves. With each discovery we seem to think that we have understood the totality of that experience, that we can now label it and classify it, only to find out that … there is so much more to be discovered, that we were just scratching the surface.

Let us have a look at the main stages of a soul’s journey in the LBL reality. Please note that each one of us might experience different variations of those during an LBL session – we might go through them all in a sequence, we might skip some and we might bypass them completely and enter different realities all together. A soul’s journey does not always follow the pattern described by Michael Newton.
The below information and its chronology is therefore more of a general map, not a destination.

1. Physical Death.
The entry point into the realms of Lives Between Lives. Our human understanding of death is dramatically different however from what the process is really about.
The parting with our body (physical death) from a soul’s perspective is nothing more than a transition into a more real and fulfilling reality. It is not viewed as an end, on the contrary, it is the beginning of something amazing and transformational. Despite our fear of death, souls usually report a surge in their energy, vitality levels and a feeling of expansion they have not felt before. If anything, they actually feel more ‘alive’.
As the first part of stepping behind the non-physical veil souls often report seeing a light/ lights in the distance, there might also been the sensation of a gentle ‘pull’ and/or a ‘humming’ noise. Those lights, as they approach often turn out to be loved ones who have gone before us, Angels or any other beings of light that the soul feels a strong connection with. The pulling sensation simply helps the soul to navigate and find its way home.
The humming represents a different vibrational level the soul is now entering.

2. Energy Healing
Even though the soul has left the physical body behind, it still carries some of the heavy energies associated with it. This is the time, when those energies are being removed (to the level to which the soul decides to let them go). New, healing, balancing energies are added. The soul experiences love, often comments on how supported it feels, there is also a sense of bliss.

(The following stages do not always happen in the exact same order, some souls go through them all, some skip or jump back and forth between them).

3. Revision with the Guides
The idea we, humans, have of the Judgement Day has nothing to do with the reality of the Revision. The Guides are very highly evolved beings, who trained extensively in order to be able to accompany a soul on its human journey. Each of us has a few Guides assigned to us and to us only. They have studied our soul’s Contract for that specific incarnation, therefore being very well aware of the lessons the soul has come to learn in that life. They are always just a breath away, ready to help whenever called on. Once the life is over, the Guides meet us in order to look back at the life that has just ended and help us understand what lessons we have learned and what lessons still remain to be mastered. There is no judgement, as there is no one to judge. The purpose of the Revision is to create understanding, not to condemn. The meeting always takes place in an atmosphere of love and compassion. The soul is helped to take stock of any remaining, unlearned issues.

4. Coming Home / Soul Group
No words can describe the feelings a soul experiences at this particular stage. An ‘Ecstatic Explosion of Bliss’ would be the closest I can come up. After a long, weary life, having convinced itself that there was only one reality, the human one, the soul suddenly re-remembers that the Earth was never actually its real home. What happens after, cannot be described, only experienced. The soul meets its real family, the loving souls that have been with it for eons and eons of time, as opposed to the ‘adopted human family’ it had for a particular incarnation. The joy from the reunion is incredible and does not compare to any human experience.
Life in the Soul Group is vibrant, exciting and busy. There is a lot of laughter, shared learning and fun. Each group has its own colour and a common theme it works on – some groups work on compassion, some on forgiveness or trust. Members of the same soul group often choose to meet in certain incarnations, but there are a lot of members from adjacent soul groups that we incarnate with as well.

5. The Council of Elders
Souls might use slight variations of the above name, they all carry the same meaning however – The Wise Ones. At some stage of the LBL experience, the soul meets the Council of Elders, a small group of beings who vibrate on a much higher level of vibration compared even to the personal Guides. In fact, their level of vibrations is such, that the soul often needs the Guide to act as an interpreter, allowing for the high frequency of the Elders to be lowered to a level, which the soul can understand. It is a privilege and honour to be standing in front of the Elders. There is often a sense of gentle, yet firm authority in the air. The Elders offer the soul an even more in-depth understanding of the soul’s Greater Plan, bridging the experiences of the past, present and future often providing guidance when it comes to the next planned incarnation.

6. Preparation for the Next Incarnation
Most souls do choose to come back, realising that they have still a fair share of lessons to master and recognising that the human form allows them to do that in the fastest and most efficient way. There are two distinctive stages a soul goes through at that point:
• Contract – the soul, with the guidance and help from the Guides, prepares a list of lessons it needs to master in the next life
• Selection of physical body, family, personal circumstances – usually a selection of three different bodies is offered (male and female), the soul is free to ‘try them out’ and decide which one suits better the Contract they have prepared. Each body comes with its own selection of personal circumstances – from name, place of birth, parents, etc. On some occasions the soul is given a limited choices or even instructed by the Guides or Elders to pick a specific body. The soul also chooses the percentage of soul energy it is going to bring with it. (The higher the soul energy level in the body, the more self-aware the person is during they life.)

7. Incarnation
What happens after, is what we call the greatest miracle of all – a new baby enters this world, slowly forgetting about all the planning and effort that has gone into the new life that now is unfolding. It becomes self-unaware and begins the process of finding itself, which we, humans, call ‘Life’.

The above seven stages of an LBL experience provide merely a guidance of what we might expect while going back ‘home’ or simply ‘re-visiting’ while still in our human form. More and more of us are now allowed beyond that basic structure, into other dimensions, Galaxies, Inter-Galactic Councils, witnessing creations of planets and the unfolding new worlds . In fact, it seems that a whole new reality has opened up to us and we need to slowly start revising what we really know about our Lives Between Lives experiences. I have a feeling that we actually know very, very little. Each new client, each new session seem to prove that. With each LBL experience we step so deep within the Eternal Now, into a world where the idea of time, past, present and future does not exist at all, and where it all finally makes real sense to us!
Be careful then not to set your expectations to experience the exact seven stages in the exact order in which you feel they should appear. Chances are that you might go on a journey you have never thought possible, that has nothing to do with the above stages.

When you think about it, there is only one reason we are all having this human experience – we have all come here to find ourselves. Lives Between Lives do just that – they open up an accelerated path towards self-discovery. There is a ‘but’ there though. We need to be ready to be allowed into the LBL reality. Our Higher Self is the decision making centre. We are either ready (in which case we will feel drawn or guided to an LBL) or not, in which case patience and work on self-awareness usually pay off. It is not just an ‘any’ experience, it is ‘the’ experience. One really needs to be ready, both for the information that will come through you and the intense, increased levels of vibrations you will be dealing with while in the Higher Realms.

A source of universal wisdom so much higher than that we have access to on daily basis, Lives Between Lives often proves to be the most humbling, revealing, and healing experience, both for myself and for the client. It continues to teach us that we are so much more than we give ourselves credit for, even while in the body. So many times, I hear people define themselves as a ‘multidimensional being’, I often wonder however, how many of us truly understand the meaning and the consequences of that definition.

There are whole worlds, galaxies and dimensions waiting out there to be discovered. LBL gives us such a wonderful tool to do just that.

To all of you then, amazing souls, I say:

The Divine Energy has no limitations. You have been created in Its image. Allow for the process of Discovering to begin. Breathe. Be. Experience…

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