Live for as long as you can. Die only when you cannot help it!

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources and at a time when we least expect it. One day, at a friend’s dinner party I found myself chatting to an elderly lady. Despite her frail body, her eyes sparkled with such genuine joy. I felt intrigued. Knowing that I would probably never meet her again, I have made it my mission that evening to find out what her secret for a happy life was before we parted. When the time was right for me to ask the question she gave me that look I will never forget and with the most mischievous smile on her face she said,

‘My dear, it is simple. I live by a golden rule that my father instilled in me – live for as long as you can. Die only when you can’t help it.’

Talking about an inspirational moment, that certainly was one of them. She was not trying to impress me; she was not pretending she was someone she was not. She was just being herself and having great fun with it.

Ever since that evening I can’t help but wonder just how our lives could be changed if we only managed to let go of the fears and self-created images of our inadequacies and instead decided to live right here, right now to the fullest of our potential.

Living in the NOW is one thing. But living in the NOW while totally connected to our full potential is a whole new thing altogether.

Just how would our lives change if we allowed ourselves to step right this moment into the state of complete fulfilment, meeting face to face with the unlimited nature of our potential? We would no longer need to search for validation or acceptance by others; nor would there be anything left to prove to ourselves. We would simply walk into the state of our complete potential. What a state of total and instantaneous expansion that would give us! How incredible that would allow us to feel about ourselves.

We spend our lives slipping in and out of different states. Some of them are more resourceful and conducive to creating the life we want than others. Even if we were to spend only a few moments a week in that incredible state of being one with the totality of our potential, our life would change as a result of it.


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