Life Goals – can you afford a life without them

Life Goals – can you afford a life without them?

Did you ever ask yourself what price you are paying for not pursuing your Life Goals? (That is of course assuming that you know what they are).

Each of us is a part of some larger unit – a family, a community, a nation, a race. We all try to fulfil the duties related to the nature of the unit we belong to as well as we can. But the greatest duty of all – the one that we have toward ourselves, sadly escapes us.

We think much of others, always ready to pay somebody a compliment, then, in the dungeons of our minds secretly using other people’s qualities or achievements to make ourselves feel small and insignificant again.

Most of us do not see or seek our unique nature. And yet, there is no other person in the world just like us! No two same types of fingerprints, no two same mixtures of talents, abilities and therefore no two same Life Purposes. And since there is no such thing as ‘coincidence’, there must be some good reason for it.

But being who we are – a unique individual – would make us look or feel ‘different’. Being different would make us stand out and standing out always makes us uncomfortable. And so we join the flock, we follow what is, what others say should be, never pausing to ask the one crucial question: ‘Does this serve me?’

We do not dare asking, for the answer is plain obvious, none of it serves us at all! Not when we live our lives according to somebody else’s plan, somebody else’s agenda. Not when our lives lack meaning or purpose, not when we deprive ourselves of the opportunities of growth that our goals and dreams provide.

I am generally not a great believer in sins, but if asked to point out the greatest sin of humanity, I would say that it is not tapping into the cascades of potential within and therefore not living our dreams.

Our goals give our life a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose. Without them, it is hard to open doors to happiness and joy on daily basis. What a difference it makes when you wake up in the morning knowing that today brings you even closer to the fulfilment of your dreams. You have something to look forward to, there is excitement and focus in your life, as your goals indicate the direction you are going in.

Without goals we become like a ship aimlessly drifting in the waters of the ocean, wherever the tides and storms take us we go, which might not always be exactly where we wished ourselves to be. We feel helpless and not in control.

We learn how to worry, but forget how to Trust.

We put other people’s needs ahead of ours until one day we manage to convince ourselves, that we actually have no needs. That day is the day something within us changes. That spark from the eyes disappears, our enthusiasm usually leaving us with it. We find ourselves trapped in the same routines, with our bodies physically and emotionally exhausted. We would have never chosen that fate for ourselves, if only we had the time to stop and notice what is actually happening to us (or rather, what we have allowed to happen).

It does not matter what job we are in or what kind of income we have, what car we drive or house we live in. Most of us go through life unfulfilled, some of us too frightened to make a change or go for what we really want, some too used to the comfort zone they operate within. Mostly however we do it because we know no better. Neither our parents, nor our teachers passed the wisdom and importance of setting and achieving goals down to us. They simply could not give us something they did not have.

We no longer remember the simple facts of life:

- The fact that we all came into this life to experience ourselves

- That behind each experience hidden is a personal lesson

- That the aim of each lessons is to increase our level of self-awareness

- That we are designed to constantly grow and make sure that we always aspire to have/become or achieve more.

Every now and then, we hear a voice within saying – ‘Is that all there is? Is that all there is to my life?’ It is a normal, healthy and a desired reaction of the Inner Self indicating to us that it is time to expand, try something new, that it is simply time to Grow.

The problem occurs when at the same time some of us hear a contradicting voice saying: ‘Who do you think you are to ask for more? You should be content with what you have!’. Too many give in to that voice not understanding that it is only our low self-esteem talking. As a result they end up living torn between the desire to grow and the fear of doing so at the same time, and often give up on their dreams as a result.

The point is to never feel satisfied, always aim higher and higher. That is what the process of personal growth is all about. We are not talking about mere possessions here, but about a healthy, balanced mixture of desires relating to being/having/achieving more.

If you are still not convinced about the price you pay living a life without personal goals in it, just for a moment imagine the day when you take your last breath. Would you like to look back at your life and exclaim with a big smile on your face ‘I have lived!’ or would you settle for a quiet whisper ‘I existed’?

I guarantee you that unless you not only set up goals but also actively start pursuing them, it will be hard to feel satisfied or fulfilled in your life.

In comparison, let’s now look at the rewards waiting for those who have what it takes to create a plan for their lives and actually put it into action:

Physically – you feel energised, you need a lot less sleep, your brain is always positively stimulated, you are a lot healthier, less prone to dis-ease.

Emotionally – you are a lot more balanced and centered, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. You have built a strong sense of trust in your inner ability to cope with any challenge and see each one as an opportunity for a new transition. You do not re-act, you act. Your level of confidence and self-esteem is high. You make decisions based on what truly serves you, knowing that such choices always automatically serve others. Your life becomes an unlimited source of positive stimulation to you. You feel the excitement of what is yet to come and the joy from what you have already accomplished. You take full responsibility for every aspect of your life.

But most of all – you have FUN!

It does not end there. The way in which you live your life becomes a source of inspiration to others. Almost as if your achievements allowed them to finally begin to believe that success is not something reserved for a few chosen ones, but a birthright of every human being.

Some of you might ask – ‘what if you do not have any goals or you simply do not know what they are?’.

Most people are convinced that they do not really know what they want, that it has been such a long time since they have asked themselves the question that they have forgotten what the answer was. But each time i work with such person, I find that the answers are right there, inside them.

Some of the goals, almost hidden in our subconscious mind, are big and bold, other seem tiny and insignificant in comparison. But it is not about comparing them, it is about honouring them and daring to put them into action. It is really about making the decision whether to ‘Live’ or simply ‘exist’.

Consider how precious this life experience that you are having is. Consider how precious you are! That minute just wasted on ‘existing’ is gone and you can never get it back.

You are in charge of your Now however.

And so, tell me then, can you really afford not to follow your dreams?

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