Business Training and Consultancy


What are we about?

At Izabela Fouéré Consultancy and Training we recognise the fact that at any level of an organisation, be it management or staff, regardless of whether the company wants to increase its sales figures, break into new markets or maximise its existing profits, at the end of the day it all comes down to one crucial factor, the human factor, the People in that organisation. Ambitious goals and aspirations of the management mean nothing when there is no commitment from the staff to execute them. At the same time focused and motivated staff is not enough to make the company thrive without having a management force with a clear vision of the future, able to drive the company in the right direction.

In essence then, every organisation is only as productive and as successful as the people that work and contribute to it.

Our main focus then is on assisting companies at all levels of the organisation to create a bridge between where the company is heading and where the people in that company currently are. In some instances we address the issues through trainings, in others through our consultancy services or a mixture of the two.


Main Training Areas

  • Management Trainings – where we address and offer a wide range of trainings from creating a Compelling Personal Presence as a Manager, Advanced People Skills, Advanced Communication Skills, Outstanding Presentation Skills, Management Skills to Empower and Motivate Staff, to how to Develop Vision and Focus necessary to Drive the Company Forward.

  • Staff Trainings – we provide a wide range of customer tailored trainings in the areas of Advanced Sales Techniques, Effective Customer Communication, Outstanding Customer Service, Staff Interpersonal Skills.
  • Company Trainings – based on reigniting the sprit of the company through Motivational and Fun activities, with Firewalk, Glasswalk and board-breaking activities as a part of it. A great idea of a company get-together with a difference, giving the management and employees a chance to bond. A great morale booster with a powerful motivational message for all involved.


Main Consultancy Areas

  • Creating a Business Vision for the Future – working closely with the management to create a company vision for the future based on setting specific, measurable goals within a specific time frame and creating a platform to bring the staff on board when it comes to achieving them.
  • Recruitment Process – creating a Personal Profile of the candidates to make sure that they are a perfect match for the position not only from the point of view of their education and experience, but also taking into consideration their character traits. Quick, effective and extremely insightful tool for any Employer.
  • Employee Profile – creating a profile of each employee allowing the managers to understand what motivates specific employees, and how to motivate each of them in the most effective way, with a guide to the projects/positions most suitable for them.
  • Management – Staff Relations – addressing existing issues, conflict resolution, putting into place effective communication measures.


 Our Mission Statement

“To empower our clients through Training and Consultancy to bring their companies not just to

the ’next level’, but to the Ultimate Level!”